On 3rd June 2017 most of the nerds in Zambia sort of died and went to nerd heaven…Lol well, we all know the ultimate nerd heaven is the Comic-Con International, well for me that is. But we will take what we get. A bunch of awesome Zambians for three years put their brains together and build some sort of nerd heaven for us.

I tried to attend it the first two times but failed miserably. Third times a charm they say and guess what all that charm led me to the LsCon this time…Lol

Anyway, lemme not bore you. Here are some of my favourite snaps from that day.

This is an upcoming comic based on the origin of the Zambian Bemba tribe.








One of my favourite art pieces.   ( I wish I knew I was gonna put this up when I was taking these I would have asked for








Some beautiful origami work. (It took the guy who did this 2months to complete it.)
Another favourite piece.
Upcoming comic based on Soul Joe.So apparently Soul Joe is a game most Zambians used to play when they were young. I have never played it before. Excited to see a comic developed on this.












If you know me. You know I love Logan. So, of course, this was my favourite cosplay.
Played some board games with strangers. ( Major achievement in my









Time Machine Zambia. Your go to comic book place.














Last but not least. Super awesome tumblreristic art.

All in all, I enjoyed myself. A lot of firsts for me. It was nice to see Zambians appreciate art which isn’t like a big thing in my country. Next time maybe I will cosplay who knows. ;).




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