I Used to Know a Girl

I used to know a girl. A girl who saw the light at the end of every tunnel. A girl who spread positivity and was positivity itself.Somewhere along the way, I lost that girl.She became angry and empty.Her anger giving birth to lonely, the lonely to busy.But her busy wasn’t busy.

Her busy was her actually binge watching series alone in her room to avoid confronting the emptiness she feels inside.

I used to know a girl.A girl who loved life.Her heart was a waterfall that burst with joy.But now her chest is a hollow cave, the only sound she can hear is the echo of a heartbeat she once knew.Each heartbeat stranger than the last, a reminder of the things she once loved, now lost.She is afraid of the unfamiliarity.She needs help.She wants to ask for help but anxiety holds her hostage inside her own head.Where it comes from she does not know.

I used to know a girl.

That girl is dead.

That girl is alive.

That girl is me.




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