Be Like Blahblah

Here is a little tale:

Two people. You and, lets call him Blahblah.  You both have a goal. You both start off with the same amount of focus and then 2 months down the line Blahblah has managed to achieve his goal (not saying it takes 2 months for you to achieve goals).

 Anyway “two months” down the line, you look at yourself in the mirror and ask your self



“Where did you go wrong?”

“How come Blahblah has achieved his dreams and you haven’t?”



Well , it might be an old wives tale, but the key here boys and girls is consistency. The other day I was looking for a caption for my Instagram post because I had exhausted “Lemonade” and “Views” already. And I came across this quote by Ovid,

Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.

Put in conventional English : “A few drops of water cannot make a stone hollow. But if the same water drops consistently without stopping it can wear out even the hardest stone.”

Back to you and Blahblah.

The difference between you and Blahblah is that Blahblah had the persistent drip. What is this persistent drip that I speak of, you say? This is focusing your efforts and concentrating on doing what you can with what you have.  By doing so you can prevail over many of the colossal impediments standing between you and what you want to accomplish.

Whatever your goals are, even the smallest actions made towards achieving that goal can make a huge difference when executed with consistency and a persistent focus.

It took me 21 years to come to terms with this guys. Don’t be like me, be like Blahblah.

Stop waiting. Start doing.


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