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An ode to self-care.


I am you and you are me.
We both shape each other.

I am sorry for never realizing that you and I are complete just as we are.

I thought you were a half and thus, I have long searched for your other half to make you whole.

Throughout this arduous quest I have risked your happiness and your own completeness.

I took you for granted.

I have sat there and watched you collapse into hundreds of distressing pieces.

Sadly, I also kept on walking when I glimpsed you deep in the ditch full of mud and dirt. I thoroughly ignored the helping hand that you needed.

I thought I was doing you good. 

But I was only weakening you. You were never a half.

I am the one who turned you into a half.

But you are not one. You are complete just the way you are.

You don’t deserve…

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Ms Twenty Something

So I will be turning 23 soon and as usual, the reflections that come with turning a new age have been occurring. Reflecting made realise this past year has possibly been one of the worst years of my life.Nope! Correction. It HAS been the worst year of my life.

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Beauty Before The Darkness

Stop. Observe. Take it all in. Breathe.

For the past two weeks, I have been writing exams. We all know what exam week is like. For me, this might have been the hardest exam period ever. I was so stressed that I never even panicked I just calmly accepted it like ” Yeah, stress, and sadness this is what I am”. And so when I finally finished I was ready. I was ready for all the emotions that were suppressed Continue reading “Beauty Before The Darkness”


On 3rd June 2017 most of the nerds in Zambia sort of died and went to nerd heaven…Lol well, we all know the ultimate nerd heaven is the Comic-Con International, well for me that is. But we will take what we get. A bunch of awesome Zambians for three years put their brains together and build some sort of nerd heaven for us.

I tried to attend it the first two times but failed miserably. Third times a charm they say and guess what Continue reading “LsCon”